UPDATE: Submission Deadlines and Meeting Times for One-On-One Fellowship Proposal Reviews!

Hello all, this weekend is proposal writing time!

Per previous emails, the grad school will be hosting proposal review sessions during the last week of September.  To be considered for one of these sessions, please email a draft of your proposal by the date specified below to  GSA.fellowships@usc.edu

For example, if you are applying to the Soros or Ford Foundation, please send a draft by Tuesday, September 23.  If you are applying for the SSRC DPDF, SSRC IDRF or Mellon ACLS or Mellon CLIR, please submit your proposal on Thursday, September 25.  We know these dates are early – but trust us, you really do want to have plenty of time to edit (and chase down letters of rec).

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Get one-on-one review of your fellowship application!

The graduate school is currently planning a number of faculty led proposal review clinics for PhD students who will be submitting applications this year for external fellowships. Students will submit a proposal draft to the graduate school. The draft will be read by a small group of faculty. Each student will then meet individually with at least two faculty for about 30 minutes to discuss the draft.

More information is on the way, but please save the following dates:

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SPOTLIGHT: Becky Wilson, NSF GRFP Fellow, on applying for fellowships

Becky Wilson interview picby Adam Feinman

Becky Wilson is a graduate student in Chemical Engineering who applied for and was awarded the NSF GRFP fellowship in the 2013-2014 school year. Her graduate advisor is Mark Thompson. The two of them are working on developing more efficient and longer-lasting solar energy cells. We asked her about her experiences applying for fellowships and what she has gained from both the process and the fellowships themselves. Continue reading