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USC PhD Profile: Fei Fang

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Fei Fang, a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science in the Viterbi School of Engineering, successfully defended her thesis this month and is about to accept a tenure-track Faculty position at Carnegie Mellon University! We caught up with Fei to congratulate her and do a short Q&A. Did you hold any Fellowships while […]

Source: Young Researchers Program website

Q&A with USC Alum Carie Frantz, Co-Founder of Young Researchers Program

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The USC Young Researchers Program pairs talented USC-area high school students with USC research groups for a summer of research under the supervision of faculty and graduate students. It was founded by Earth Science graduate students Laurie Chong and Carie Frantz in 2008. Students get to experience first-hand the excitement of research in real university […]