Welcome to the Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Website

Enhancing diversity in Graduate Education in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (EDGE-SBE) is a four institution alliance between Stanford University, Texas A&M, the University of Southern California and the University of Texas-Austin to help redress the under-representation of Hispanics, African Americans and Native Americans in PhD programs in the SBE sciences. With support from the National Science Foundation's grant award, (diversifying Graduate Education in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, #0549026), project resources target the following goals:

  1. Development of impact programs which involve collaborative efforts and shared departmental spending.
  2. Participation by faculty and advanced Ph.D. students in key phases of project activities to institutionalize practices for sustainable impact after grant funds are exhausted.
  3. Evaluation and assessment of practices based on objective, quantitative and qualitative indicators.
  4. Development and sustenance of a culturally pluralistic, inclusive campus climate which values excellence at the department and university levels, and affirms presence of difference.

Participating USC Doctoral Programs
  1. Department of American Studies and Ethnicity
  2. Department of Anthropology
  3. Marshall School of Business
  4. Annenberg School for Communication
  5. Department of Economics
  6. Department of Geography
  7. Davis School of Gerontology
  8. Department of Linguistics
  9. School of Policy, Planning and Development
  10. Department of Political Science
  11. Department of Psychology
  12. Department of Sociology
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