Travel Awards from the Graduate School

As part of USC’s continuing efforts to support our students’ academic professional development, the Graduate School will make travel grants available to Graduate School funded Fellows for travel to conferences and to research sites. Applications will be reviewed twice each year.

If awarded, the Graduate School will add the amount to your monthly stipend. This amount may be taxed or may be considered taxable. Students can also visit the Graduate Student Government site to see if they may be eligible for additional funding. Further information about the GSG Professional Development Fund can be found here (


Graduate School funded Fellows (Provost, Annenberg, DIA, Rose Hills, Global, Final Year, Endowed, DOD NDSEG, Haynes, Ford, Mellon/ACLS) are eligible to apply.

Application Instructions

To begin, create your Travel Award Application Login Profile by completing the fields in the "New Applicant" box. You will receive an email message with your assigned login code.

Upon login, you will be taken to the online application form. Please enter required details and upload required documents (Download Signature Page). You can "Save and return later" as often as needed. However, you MUST click the "Final Submit" button prior to the deadline date to complete the submission process.

Fill in the information below to retrieve the login code