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Q&A with USC PhD student Leslie Berntsen

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Leslie Berntsen, a USC PhD candidate specializing in brain and cognitive science in the Department of Psychology, won the 2016 Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award! She’s about to start her fourth year teaching a class called Psychological Science & Society to high school students enrolled in USC Summer Programs. She’s also serving her second year as the Chair of the CET […]

Source: Young Researchers Program website

Q&A with USC Alum Carie Frantz, Co-Founder of Young Researchers Program

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The USC Young Researchers Program pairs talented USC-area high school students with USC research groups for a summer of research under the supervision of faculty and graduate students. It was founded by Earth Science graduate students Laurie Chong and Carie Frantz in 2008. Students get to experience first-hand the excitement of research in real university […]

Leah Aldridge, Graduate Student Advocate for Fellowships

Meet Graduate Student Advocate for Fellowships: Leah Aldridge

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In addition to being the Graduate Student Advocate for Fellowships, Leah is a USC School of Cinematic Arts PhD candidate. The focus of her research examines the international circulation of black cinematic images. Specifically she investigates the historical and industrial determinants that trigger Hollywood black film production cycles and analyzes their consumption abroad. Leah’s Role at the Graduate School […]

Marko greets Dr. Sally (Sarah) Pratt, vice provost for graduate programs

USC PhD Student Profile: Marko Chavez

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Marko is a first year PhD student in the Physics program at USC Dornsife. In his first academic year, he undertook the ambitious task of applying to six external graduate research fellowships! Marko’s Research Marko’s research is primarily focused on harnessing the unique “metal-reducing” properties of the Shewanella bacteria for the construction of primitive renewable […]

Chris Warren speaking at the 2016 USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute Symposium

USC PhD Student Profile: Chris Warren

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Chris is a PhD student with the Keck Department of Preventive Medicine in his third year of the Health Behavior Research Program. He is a USC Provost’s Predoctoral Fellow and recent recipient of a NRSA F31 award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Chris’ Research Chris’ background is in cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology. […]

Info Session

Graduate School Fellowships for Advanced PhD Students 2016-2017

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Kate Tegmeyer, Fellowship Assistant at the USC Graduate School, held two info sessions this week detailing our Fellowships for Advanced PhD Students. These included: Endowed PhD Fellowships, Dissertation Completion Fellowships, Research Enhancement Fellowships, and Provost’s Mentored Teaching Fellowship. In case you missed it, below is the handout from her presentation with all the information you […]