NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institute

An EAPSI award provides U.S. graduate students in science, engineering, and education: 1) first-hand research experiences in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, or Taiwan; 2) an introduction to the science, science policy, and scientific infrastructure of the respective location; and 3) an orientation to the society, culture, and language. It is expected that EAPSI awards will help students initiate professional relationships to enable future collaboration with foreign counterparts.

Applicants must:

  1. be U.S. citizens or permanent residents;
  2. be enrolled in a research-oriented Master’s or Ph.D. degree program, and, if enrolled in a joint Bachelor/Master’s program, have graduated from the undergraduate degree portion of the program;
  3. be enrolled at a U.S. institution located in the United States; and
  4. propose a research project in a field of science, engineering, or science education supported by the National Science Foundation

More information is available here: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=5284

Contact GSA.fellowships@usc.edu for information or guidance about fellowships 

NSF EAPSI Program Solicitation

2015 Helpful Tips for EAPSI Applicants

SPOTLIGHT: Elena Ferri, 2012 Chateaubriand Fellow, on international partnering fellowships

Elena Ferra photoby Adam Feinman

Elena Ferri is a graduate student in the Chemistry department, and is advised by Charles McKenna. They are working on a potential health gain by inhibiting a particular protein. In 2012, she was awarded the Chateaubriand Fellowship, which supports Ph.D. students who want to do research in France. She shared her fellowship experiences with us.

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UPDATE: Submission Deadlines and Meeting Times for One-On-One Fellowship Proposal Reviews!

Hello all, this weekend is proposal writing time!

Per previous emails, the grad school will be hosting proposal review sessions during the last week of September.  To be considered for one of these sessions, please email a draft of your proposal by the date specified below to  GSA.fellowships@usc.edu

For example, if you are applying to the Soros or Ford Foundation, please send a draft by Tuesday, September 23.  If you are applying for the SSRC DPDF, SSRC IDRF or Mellon ACLS or Mellon CLIR, please submit your proposal on Thursday, September 25.  We know these dates are early – but trust us, you really do want to have plenty of time to edit (and chase down letters of rec).

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